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Monday, 2 April 2012


Been in bristol for the past few weeks, working and skating. Met loads of rad people, skated loads of awesome parks and spots. Cheers and bavaria beers to slasher and Joxa for letting me stay at theirs! Heres a few random pics i took.
I was doing somework with slasher out in portishead landscaping. I found this pig skull on the side of the road.

This is the only skate photo i took. Everyone else who was out and about were instagramming everything so there are probably photos of all the other spots skated.
Slasher doing a crail slash

We all went on a crusty skatespot tour of bristol which was fucking sick. I slipped oout at the crustiest spot 'Batrock' but got away with a handplant there.
Also got to skate the crust ramp which is probably the funnest gnarliest thing i've skated. Joxa and slasher ripped it to shreds. There is footage about of all the spots but i doubt it'll get seen.

 Slasher drinking and joxa creteing at daveside. This place is my new favourite place to skate.
I was stoked to help out in making 'Bob's loveseat'. So fun to skate

 I took my tattoo gear and gave slasher a tatt of a Ram's head drawing he did.
Slasher sam's frogman artwork on their shed wall.

Bristols a rad place. 

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