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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Taxidermy posers and art fucks

Went to London yesterday with my brother to see one of my drawings in an art exhibit in a curiosity shop. Got to the place which was mental. taxidermy and loads of wierd shit everywhere. The other 'Artists' were drinking gin out of china tea cups and talking bullshit. I was drinking beer out the front of the place with my brother. No one there wanted to talk to me except the person doing the interviews. I was the only 'Artist' who didn't get his photo taken with their peice cus they though i was some random tramp off the street, so my ugly mug ain't gonna be in the next bizarre, just a bullshit interview if that. But then we went to my friend Lou's and got pissed so that saved it. She gave me a Ron English clown toy and an awesome Joe Coleman book, stoked!

My new goodies courtesy of Lou

 My peice on the wall

Me being interviewed for bizarre mag.

My bro took photos of the place, full of mental shit

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